Top 10 Benefits of Laughter for Fibromyalgia

Have you ever laughed yourself silly? If you did, what you may not know is that while you laughed, you activated dozens of muscles throughout your body. Laughter is both a mind and body experience. As such, laughing can prove beneficial for the fibromyalgia body in more ways than you may have considered.

Of course, these benefits aren’t only for those of us who deal with fibromyalgia and chronic illness symptoms. Everyone benefits, which is one good reason for laughter being so contagious.

Speaking of infectious laughter, have you noticed the outrageous popularity of pet videos? Entertainingly funny dogs and cats are the most searched for subject topics online. Cat videos (in particular) are forwarded and shared in social media posts almost more than any other form of humor.

Sharing comedy with others isn’t anything new. From medieval court jesters, to early slapstick films and up to current TV sitcoms, society has laughed both with and at the antics of others. If you’re old enough, you may remember the pratfall that received weekly laughs on the Dick Van Dyke Show. Even though we knew it was coming, each time Dick cartwheeled over his ottoman, someone in my family giggled. It was usually my dad and the laughter spread to everyone else in the room.

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