23 Things Parents of Children With Dyslexia Want Others to Know

This is what they had to say: 

1. “It doesn’t just affect school. It takes a toll on their social life too.” — Robin Anderson Reed

2. “Accommodations provide access and help to level the playing field.” — Kathy Stratton

3. “Would you deny a child that can’t walk a wheelchair? Deny a child that can’t see properly glasses? Then why on earth do we deny those with dyslexia what they need in the classroom? Put ‘glasses’ on these kids and they will soar! Not every person learns the same way.” — Sheila Ridgley Riche

4. “The shame that accompanies dyslexia can be paralyzing. There is anxiety that ensues as a result of never quite knowing when dyslexia will rear its ugly head.” — Cali Nichols

5. “Print and handwriting should not limit a person from participating in anything they want. Accommodations matter.” — Jennifer Fitzer

6. “If a child is dyslexic it doesn’t mean the parent didn’t read to them enough or try hard enough.” — Marilyn Montrose

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