Dangerous Anxiety Medication Side Effects

Anxiety drugs are extremely tempting, and prescribed to millions of individuals suffering from anxiety and stress. Contrary to popular belief, these drugs aren’t necessarily as harmful as many people believe. They have their problems, but there are those that do benefit from pharmaceutical intervention – especially if they are combining that medication with some type of therapy.

But on their own, medications do have their issues, and in some cases these side effects can be extremely severe. Below, we’ll take a look at common anxiety drug side effects, and discuss the reasons that anxiety medications are often not recommended.

The Main Reason to Avoid Anxiety Medicine

Anxiety medicines do have some severe side effects in some cases. But it’s actually not the side effects that are the reason to try to avoid medications. The main reason is because they can cause physiological and psychological dependence. This is when your body and mind actually start to need to drug to cope with anxiety, so that it becomes even harder to cure the anxiety without medication over time.

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