Useful Tips For Anxious Travellers

Have you ever felt anxious about travel? If feelings of anxiety, worry and fear creep in when you’re travelling, you’re not alone. “Mild levels of travel-related anxiety are common. We all get a little nervous when we’re outside our familiar experiences and places,” says Dr Stephen Carbone, policy, research and evaluation leader at beyondblue. Here, Carbone outlines exactly what travel anxiety is and shares tips on how to manage it.

What is travel anxiety?

Travel-related anxiety is worry, nervousness or fear that occurs in the context of travel. Because travel can take us out of our familiar surroundings and into the unknown, it’s not unusual for people to experience some degree of worry or tension.

It’s important to note the difference between feelings of anxiety – which anyone can experience in everyday life – and having an anxiety condition, which is serious but manageable. Travel anxiety isn’t a medical condition, but rather an experience of anxiety connected with the situation of travel.

Should I travel with a companion?

It’s great to share experiences with our partner, family or friends. However, for some people having a travelling companion may be a way of avoiding a situation they think they can’t handle on their own. This may actually be counterproductive to helping overcome an anxiety condition.

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