9 Truths Of Having A Child With ADHD

Maybe your kid’s a toddler. Maybe your kid’s a teen. Maybe your kid’s somewhere smack in the middle. But regardless, they’ve got something in common with 11% of kids 4–17: they’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, according to ADDItude Magazine. And there are truths every ADHD parent knows. We hold some things in common, we caretakers to these children both wonderful and infuriating, both brilliant and maddening. We have common experiences. We hear common phrases. We have common people we fantasize about punching.

But we’re all in this together. And by together, I mean, this crap happens to all of us.

1. People insist your child doesn’t have ADHD — they

just need a good spanking.

Why is it always a spanking? Why not a time-out or a chance to make reparations? Nope, only a good ol’ fashioned whoppin’ will set our baby back in line because that ADHD nonsense is pure crap. This person may go out of their way to point out times our child does focus: like on video games, or books, or art. We explain the concept of hyperfocusing, or according to ADDitude Magazine, the ability to zero in on one thing, avoiding all distractions, for hours at a time. Don’t bother. The nuances of the disorder are lost on these people.

2. People insist that drugs are bad, m’kay? You are

drugging your child!

If your child needs ADHD medication — and some need it quite early on in order to perform basic societal functions, like not pouring glue on the floor and playing Nancy Kerrigan on it — you will hear all kinds of shit. Stimulants will wreck their brain, distort their growth. Have you tried essential oils instead?

Dear people who think ADHD drugs aren’t necessary: Try living with a child who needs ADHD drugs and doesn’t have them for a day. We’ll pick your sobbing, huddled mass up from the corner as you throw your hands in the air and say that you just didn’t know what to do. Uh huh. How’d your lavender oil work?

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