10 Ways to Manage Adult ADHD from People Who Are Living With It

Imagine trying to juggle a full life of work and home demands when focus is almost impossible: That’s everyday life for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Here, adult ADHD sufferers reveal their tricks for managing the carnival in their brain.

Set aside time for stuff that isn’t urgent

A common complaint of adult ADHD sufferers is that they’re drawn to less important tasks, finishing those ahead of the ones that should take priority. Jessica McCabe, a professional “YouTuber” who deals with ADHD, says she sets aside “blocks of time to work on stuff that’s important but not urgent.”

Set lots of alarms

Marcia Miller, director of admissions at a private high school in Maryland who suffers from adult ADHD symptoms, has learned to rely on alarms on her phone to remind herself of literally every appointment and meeting. “This immediacy keeps me more aware so I can be proactive and on top of things,” she says


Learn your ABCs—always be checking

Mindy Schwartz, an ADHD coach in New York, says “I always check my calendar at night for the next day so I can be certain not to miss important appointments or to-do’s.” The nightly check helps reinforce the important items on her schedule, says Schwartz.

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