10 Best Ways to Stop Anxiety Attacks

Based on the above, here are 10 Top Ways to Stop Anxiety Attacks:

1. Understand the anatomy of an anxiety attack (understanding the physiological, psychological, and emotional components that contribute to anxiety attacks). – When you understand what anxiety attacks are; what causes them; how the body responds – the many physiological, psychological, and emotional changes that can occur and why; the many stages of the stress response; and how stress affects the body; anxiety attacks are no longer mysteries that have the potential to scare you. Becoming unafraid of anxiety attacks is the surest way to stop them. We explain the complete anatomy of an anxiety attack in Chapter 3 in the Recovery Support area of our website.

Having a complete understanding of anxiety attacks is the surest way to end a struggle with them. Knowledge is power. This knowledge will set you free from panic…for good!

2. Stop scaring yourself – As we mentioned above, anxiety attacks are mostly caused by being afraid. So being afraid of anxiety attacks is one of the most common reasons why anxiety attacks sustain…and why people develop Panic Attack Disorder. Since fear is the most common reason why anxiety attacks occur and persist, refusing to scare yourself removes the main reason anxiety attacks occur.

When you eliminate fear, you eliminate the most common cause of anxiety attacks. Yes, you can learn to stop scaring yourself. This is the second most powerful way to eliminate anxiety attacks.

For example, rather than thinking, “Oh my gosh, this is awful. What if I completely lose it?” Use more affirmative language such as, “Ok, this doesn’t feel good. But it’s just my body’s emergency response and it will end as I stop scaring myself.”

Or, instead of thinking, “This is awful. I can’t stand it!” Think, “This is what a high degree stress response feels like. Many people go to great lengths to feel this. It’s a normal part of the body’s survival mechanism. It’s not dangerous.”

Or, instead of thinking, “What’s causing this horrible feeling? What if I’m dying or having a complete breakdown?” Think, “This feeling can feel strong, but it’s not dangerous. All bodies react this way when we think we are in danger or are overly stressed. It’s not something to be concerned about. It will end soon and I’ll be fine again.”

Taking charge of your thinking puts you in control of your body’s emergency system. As you get proficient at taking control, you can completely shut down anxiety attacks and prevent them from starting.