10 Tips for Meditating to Relax and Help Lupus Anxiety

  • Meditate several times each day. Use your trusty timer again. Perhaps you can meditate for one minute each hour or 10 minutes every 4 hours. The goal is to maintain a mindful state 24 hours per day. This is more easily accomplished if you meditate several times each day and I’ve found it has brought the amount of anxiety attacks I used to have down to a minimum.
  • Be gentle. Meditation isn’t about forcing yourself to concentrate with tremendous effort. Meditation gives energy. It doesn’t take energy from you. Use gentle, persistent attention. You’ll be more successful and enjoy the process much more.
    • The longer you meditate, the more important your posture becomes. Almost any position can be comfortable for a few minutes, but few positions are comfortable for 20 minutes or more. Even your comfy couch is inadequate. It’s important to maintain a well-supported position with a straight spine. Leaning or slouching will create tension and discomfort. Have you ever wondered why the full-lotus position is so popular in meditation? It’s because your ankle bones aren’t digging into the floor like they would be if you had your feet folded beneath you. It’s also very stable and allows for a straight spine. If you are fortunate enough with lupus to still be able to accomplish this position, you are in a good way. For me, I tend to use my bed whenever possible. I prop pillows up and lean back and I try to do this when I am not too tired so I don’t fall asleep.
    • Avoid meditating after a large meal. Meditation isn’t a form of sleep. A big meal can make you sluggish and uncomfortable.
    • Add time to your meditation practice slowly. Avoid pushing yourself. Five minutes is a good start, but if two minutes works for you in the beginning, do it. As long as you start, you are on the right track. Add a few minutes each week. A long session of 30 minutes per day is a worthwhile goal to work up to.

    Meditation is a subtle skill that requires time and practice. Many beginners give up before realizing the benefits that meditation provides, which is why I say if two minutes works better than five, then meditate for two minutes. Remember, this is to help you, it’s not a contest.

    If you make meditation one of your daily habits, I think it won’t take long before you consider it to be one of your most important activities.