3 All-Natural Ways To Dial-Down Your Anxiety

2. Bust a (yoga) move

A little physical activity does a body good, and can work wonders when it comes to getting your brain to chill the eff out. Make like Lena Dunham and hit your yoga mat to try and ward off symptoms of anxiety. The star is partial to a restorative child’s pose, which makes her feel “really safe and also energized,” she told us in this video. “[Child’s pose] is a way to enter a private space that you might need to move through whatever you’re experiencing.”

3. Tweak the way you talk

Turns out, simply saying the word “stress” can make you more, well, stressed. Cut the s-word from your vocabulary and feel your shoulders settle back down where they belong (as in, not up by your ears where they like to hang out when the tension starts to build).

We’d love to hear your tips as well—share them in the Comments! After all, we’re in anew era of mental health authenticity—even the royals are getting in on it.