7 Strategies for Dealing With Work Anxiety

  • Make Your Stresses a GameOne strategy that many people find enjoyable is to take the things that stress you at work and turn them into a game. For example, making a bingo card out of all of the issues that come up that cause you stress – like a criticism by the boss, a reward to a slacking off coworker, a rude customer, and so on. Try to come up with as many specific issues as possible, and then turn them into a bingo card. If you get a bingo, treat yourself to something nice. This will cause you to actually hope that certain things happen to you so that you can treat yourself to the reward, and possibly change your mindset about what it is that’s occurring.
    • Work StoriesCreativity is one of the greatest parts of the human experience, and a great tool for reducing anxiety. If your work constantly provides you with nightmare or humorous stories, make it your goal to create them. That way – when something anxiety inducing happens – you’ll be able to come home and write something interesting about it, turning a negative into a positive.
    • Inside Jokes With YourselfAnother strategy is to try to create inside jokes with yourself. Make sure you don’t do anything that can get you fired, but there are many ideas you can try including wearing funny shirts under your suit/uniform, hiding inspirational messages around the workplace, decorating your desk with personal items, and more can all be advantageous and make your work a less serious place.
    • Fake Being OkayFinally, a difficult strategy that can be very effective is simply faking it. Pretend that you’re not anxious or bothered by what happens at work. Because of something known as cognitive dissonance, the mind can actually adapt to the way you act. If you act like a great, confident, happy employee every day even when you’re genuinely not, you can start to feel the very same positive emotions that you’re pretending to experience, and ultimately reduce your anxiety that way.

    These types of strategies may seem unusual, but they can have a very genuine effect on work anxiety. You should also strongly consider taking my free 7 minute anxiety test now. This test will help you learn more about your anxiety overall, and show you numerous comprehensive strategies to cure it.