8 Signs Of ADHD That Aren’t Obvious, According To Experts

5. Trouble Controlling Your Emotions

You may be afraid to have tough conversations because you know you’ll break down crying or get angry and lose it. Or you may be called “sensitive” a lot. “Either way, a person whose emotions regularly get the best of them may be showing less recognized signs of ADHD,” says Mahan.

6. Anxiety

ADHD limits your ability to filter out irrelevant information from your environment, which means you constantly have sensory input coming in, says Ruan. This can be overwhelming and cause a lot of anxiety.

7. A Constant Itch For A Change

People with ADHDs’ difficulty keeping their attention on one thing may manifest as always wanting to switch jobs, locations, or partners, says Ruan. Another consequence of the impulsiveness of ADHD is that you may find yourself taking these big steps without thinking it through.

8. An Addictive Personality

ADHD symptoms can create the perfect storm for an addiction. “People with ADHD tend to have higher levels of addiction due to a mix of impulsiveness, heightened brain response to the reward hormones released when engaging in addictive behaviors, and lower self-esteem,” says Ruan.

Obviously, none of these signs alone (or even all eight) mean you definitely have ADHD. However, if this sounds a lot like you, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It just may be worth getting a screening from a doctor or therapist.