7 Ways to Eat Healthy This Holiday Season

Was your Thanksgiving marred by overindulging? Don’t lose hope if you’re trying to eat healthfully over the holidays. There are several ways you can still enjoy food at holiday celebrations without overeating.

“Many people assume it’s unavoidable to gain weight over the holidays,” said Shoshana Bennett, PhD, a clinical psychologist based in California. She said that gaining weight during the holidays doesn’t have to be the case with a little mindfulness and planning.

Here are a few tips on how to approach eating over the holidays, especially if you intend to eat healthfully during the season — and all year long.

Eat before you go

“Never go to a party hungry,” Bennett told HealthlineShe advises people to eat a small meal that includes protein before leaving home. “Protein helps to balance blood sugar, so without it in your system, you’ll find yourself heading to the dessert table first,” she said.

Stay hydrated

Bennett said that staying hydrated is vital to avoid overeating because people often mistake hunger for thirst. “Drink a full glass of water with that small meal, and you’ll set yourself up for success,” she said.

Think about what you eat

When you’re at the smorgasbord mulling over all the foods that appeal to you, remember to stay conscious.

“If you decide to eat something, do it slowly and deliberately, tasting and chewing every bite,” Bennett noted. “A sign that you’re eating ‘unconsciously’ is when you hardly remember eating the item.”

If you eat mindlessly, you won’t be able to savor the delicious tastes of the food, and you’ll be left with only the extra calories that linger۔